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    2011 SHRM Annual Conference and Exposition: Las Vegas, NV

    Date: June 26-29, 2011
    SHRM (Society of Human Resource Management)
    Las Vegas, NV
    Las Vegas Convention Center
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    The next two years will be the turning point for our profession and a vital time for the recovery of our nation. That’s why we have designed the 2011 Annual Conference to offer courses that go beyond anything we have done in the past. The event will feature the largest number of practitioners, strategic business management sessions and health care sessions ever.  We know what the future holds for our profession, and we know that without a plan in place it could mean the difference between boom or bust for the nation. 



    Sir Richard Branson
    Opening Session
    Sunday, June 26
    Sir Richard Branson is the founder and president of Virgin Group. One of the world's most recognized and respected brands, Virgin has expanded into air and rail travel, hospitality and leisure, telecommunications,...
    Tony Hsieh
    Tuesday, June 28
    Hsieh is the CEO of online shoe and clothing shop, Inc. He joined, Inc. as an advisor and investor, and eventually became CEO, where he helped the company grow from almost no sales to...
    Michael J. Fox
    Closing Session
    Wednesday, June 29
    Michael J. Fox is an Emmy-award-winning actor, author and advocate. He is well-known for his award-winning roles on the television series “Family Ties” and “Spin City,” and as the star of...

    Sessions & More

    From practical tips, to innovation in HR, to motivating people, the 2011 educational sessions are designed to teach and inspire the global HR community. We will have hundreds of sessions delivered by skilled and experienced speakers. So, plan out your sessions and take your SHRM Conference experience to the next level.

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    About the Conference Tracks 
    Whether you are seeking operational “how to” information to apply in the workplace, compliance information to double check your policies and practices, or strategically oriented topics that reaffirm HR’s value to your organization’s success, you will find educational sessions that meet your unique professional development needs.
    Sessions are arranged according to conference tracks and focus areas. Conference tracks denote general topic categories, while focus areas concentrate on specific knowledge areas that align to the HR body of knowledge.

    Constantly changing labor laws. Increasingly tougher privacy rules. New developments in federal policy.
    It’s never been more important to keep pace with the latest HR laws and legislation. Help protect your company from liability and avoid legal risk before it arises by staying current with the latest changes in labor legislation. We offer a broad range of sessions presented by some of the top legal minds in the country. From federal legislative compliance, to HR legal issues specific to California, we help you stay on top of today’s legislative priorities.

    • Compliance
    • California-Specific HR
    • Legislative Update

    Strategic planning. Innovation. Business competencies. This conference track has them all. Today more than ever, companies rely on HR to play a key role in creating sound strategies to achieve their objectives. Here, you can learn from leading experts how to build a roadmap to your goals. Discover how strategic planning can maximize employee performance and create business value. Learn how to support your business case, measure results and gain buy-in from your C-suite. The focus areas are:

    • Strategic Alignment
    • Business Competencies
    • Innovation
    • Measurement

    All sessions in this track count toward the 15 hours of strategic management recertification credit for your SPHR designation.

    Talent. Your company’s greatest asset. HR’s greatest challenge. One of the biggest challenges companies continue to face is retaining their best talent. Leading experts will share best practices during these sessions — so you can create an environment where your best people will thrive. Learn how to attract, recruit, manage and inspire A-list employees who can move your organization forward. Discover how to handle the most difficult HR situations with ease and engage employees to increase morale, productivity and retention. See how you can leverage the latest technology and techniques to find, train and retain the best workforce possible. The focus areas are:

    • Recruiting & New Media
    • Communication Strategies
    • Engagement & Morale
    • Workforce Planning

    As the global market expands, so does the role of HR. In a global economy, where organizations and employees span countries and continents, keeping pace with international HR issues is not just important. IT’S ESSENTIAL. Today’s HR leaders need to have a global mindset and understand how cross-cultural issues can impact their business. Experts from around the globe join us in Las Vegas to share their ideas, experiences and successful practices. From managing diverse teams to communicating across the world to recruiting and cultivating foreign talent, you will learn how to leverage the strengths and overcome the challenges of an international workforce. The focus areas are:

    • Global Compliance
    • Global Talent Management
    • Cross-Cultural Insights

    All sessions in this track count toward the 30 hours of international recertification credit for your GPHR designation.

    Total rewards packages can attract and retain top talent. Or drive it away.
    As the economy recovers, benefits and compensation packages must keep pace. Yet health care and other costs are rising. So how do you compete without crossing the line from black into the red? From plan design to cost containment, learn how to leverage total rewards to achieve superior organizational performance. Leading experts will teach you how to implement sustainable rewards strategies — to remain competitive and increase employee satisfaction while steering clear of common issues that can get you and your company into trouble.  The focus areas are:

    • Employee Benefits
    • Total Compensation
    • Health Care
    • Wellness

    Today’s HR leaders are strategic counselors who must be prepared for what’s next. That means having the right set of tools, skills and traits to be an exceptional leader. Even the most experienced HR professionals benefit from continued skill development. This track will give you the opportunity to learn from experts on leadership, recertification, career advancement, and more. So whether your goals center on cultivating your company’s employees or taking your own career to the next level, these sessions can help you achieve them. The focus areas are:

    • Leadership
    • Career Development
    • Skill Enhancement